IncluMusic workshop in Leuven on 21st September: a roadmap towards a more inclusive Higher Music Education

On 21st September, the IncluMusic partners will deliver a workshop titled ‘IncluMusic: a roadmap towards a more inclusive Higher Music Education’, in the frame of the AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators 2023 in Leuven. 

The workshop aims for participants to know more about the different methods through which students with Special Education Needs (SEN) can be integrated into Higher Music Education (HME) and how teaching in this area is delivered at the national and European levels. Moreover, the workshop will provide room for discussions around a new professional role, the ‘Academic Tutor’, aimed at monitoring social inclusion practices within HME institutions.  

The session will draw in plenary and small discussion groups, challenging participants to try looking through the lens of a SEN student and making them understand what is required in order for them to develop skills in the music field. The outcomes collected by the project partners will help develop a tailored project training course, to be officially presented towards the end of the project period. All contributions will be highly valuable and will have a significant impact on the development of the project outputs. 

Moreover, on 20th September, prior to the workshop, the second IncluMusic Transnational Project Meeting will take place in Brussels, hosted by the AEC. The agenda includes a recap of all activities carried out during the first year of implementation (see the need analysis of training courses), a presentation by the partners organising national focus groups, a proposal of the content for the training courses to be developed and a distribution of responsibilities. 

AEC, as coordinator of dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes, will present the first results of all communications actions carried out since the beginning of the project, as well as the impact the project has had among AEC member institutions.

IncluMusic is a strategic partnership co-funded by the European Union and coordinated by the Academia Națională de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima” (AMGD). To find out more about the project partners and activities, please do not hesitate to contact Alfonso Guerra, or visit the IncluMusic webpage on the AEC website or the brand-new project website

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