The IncluMusic project addressed during the AEC Congress 2023 held at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague on 9-11 November 2023

The AEC Congress 2023 held at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague between the 9th and 11th of November 2023 was the most attended event in the history of the AEC, drawing more than 420 in-person participants from approximately 40 countries.

Since diversity and inclusion were among the topics covered by the programme (along others such as quality enhancement, international collaborations, student involvement, power relations, digitisation, artistic excellence, pre-college music education, environmental and mental sustainability, lifelong learning, curriculum development and artistic research), the IncluMusic project was presented during the plenary session (gathering more the 400 attendees as well as on-line participants) by our colleague Alfonso Guerra from AEC.

We continue our endeavours to overcome the barriers that prevent a satisfactory connection between music education and the students with special educational needs within Higher Education Music Institutions, by training teachers, administrative staff, and academic tutors through specialized courses. Our initiative is based on desk research on training practices already adopted in Conservatories, analysis, validation of the design principles and possible content through focus groups with experts.

We are confident that the international community will eventually support the testing and implementation of the IncluMusic project results, as inclusiveness becomes more and more relevant in the Higher Education sector.

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