Updates on the current stage of the project

The European project IncluΜusic aims to foster the inclusion of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disadvantaged backgrounds in Higher Music Education Institutions. Through cooperation activities it will provide training for music teachers in innovative pedagogies in order to increase access, participation and completion rates of music students with limited opportunities.  

The project is based on a pilot programme to train music teachers, administrative staff and tutors specialized in inclusive music teaching, who will, in turn, support students from disadvantaged backgrounds and with SEN to be accepted and succeed in studying music at the tertiary level. It further aims to enable students to be as successful as they can in their future careers in the music field and provide realistic ways forward for their future, through employment opportunities that may arise.


At the current phase of the project IncluΜusic partners are working on Work Package 3 which focuses on the creation of a number of theoretical modules. The partners after the research and the interviews that took place during WP2 decided and agreed upon the content of the modules. Specifically, the aim of WP3 is to develop 6 theoretical modules which will be peer reviewed internally and adapted to adequately fulfill the projected educational needs. When those will be ready will be uploaded on the IncluΜusic e-learning platform. The content of the IncluΜusic modules will be as follows:

  • Module 1: Disabilities Studies and Special Pedagogies and inclusive music teacher
  • Module 2: Special music methodologies and assistive technologies
  • Module 3: EU Framework and national legislations
  • Module 4: Mindfulness and inclusive music teaching
  • Module 5: Music Therapy, Music and Health
  • Module 6: Inclusive MuEd and Community Music


The consortium partners have a rich experience in theoretical courses, both on-campus and online, and will adapt each presentation to fit the educational objectives of the course. As such, modules will include links to carefully-selected videos, role -plays, case scenarios and mini quizzes for the learners, as they see proper.

All academic partners will be tasked to pilot the courses with at least (20 learners), for a total of 100 learners across the partners.

Learners are defined as:


  • Music teachers
  • Administrators
  • Music Students
  • Representatives of Association for Special Needs Education
  • Representatives of Association of Music