A Special Education Needs training course for HMEIs is coming to life 

On 13-14 March, IncluMusic partners met in Florence in order to work jointly on the last phase of development of a training course addressed to teachers and administrative staff, who will ultimately make HMEIs a more inclusive environment for students with Special Education Needs (SEN). The meeting was hosted by ValueDo, and focused on the validation of the training material already developed by all project partners, as well as on the e-learning platform in which the training course will be hosted.  

The six different modules that will compose the SEN training course for teachers and administrative staff will include the following overarching themes:

  • Module 1: Disabilities studies, special pedagogies and inclusive music teacher
  • Module 2: Special music methodologies and assistive technologies
  • Module 3: EU framework and national legislations
  • Module 4: Mindfulness and inclusive music teaching
  • Module 5: Music therapy, music and health
  • Module 6: Inclusive music education and community music 

The training materials produced for the modules above will be uploaded on an e-learning platform after being reviewed and piloted by all project partners, and will remain available for any organisation or individual interested in following the training course online. These materials will consist of powerpoint presentations, videos, external resources in video format, scientific papers, exercises and case studies. 

The training course for teachers and administrative staff will include different modules to be followed according to the different needs, except for the profile of the academic tutor, for whom all the content included in all modules of the training course will be presented. Overall, the course developed in the framework of the project will pursue the following objectives:

  • Reinforcing the competencies of HMEI teachers and administrative staff in the field of SEN
  • Creating the role of the academic tutor, aimed at monitoring SEN practices within HMEIs 
  • Preparing the academic tutor, with the role of mediation between SEN students and staff
  • Reinforcing the skills of the staff to help them work together with the academic tutor
  • Defining new approaches for training HMEIs students with SEN
  • Creating a community of HMEIs adopting social inclusion practices 

IncluMusic is a strategic partnership project co-funded by the European Union and led by the Academia Națională de Muzică „Gheorghe Dima” in Cluj Napoca, Romania. To find out more about the project’s latest news, please do not hesitate to visit the official IncluMusic project website: https://www.inclumusic.eu/