Work Package No. 1 – Project Management

The WP No. 1 aims to provide an effective monitoring of the progress, quality and achievement of project activities, with three tools: the Gant chart (track the activities, process development at task level, support in case of delays, coordinantion between partners), the Quality Assurance Plan (formalizing procedures to assess project progress, intermediate, final results), and the QRs (the operative tool for monitoring the achievemnt of project results and the quality of the processes).

Work Package No. 2 – Design Principles for the course to build inclusive higher education systems for HEI teachers, HEI administrative staff and academic tutors specialized in SEN

WP No. 2 is aimed at defining the Design Principles and the Curriculum for the training course to build inclusive higher education systems. The course is addressed to HEI teachers, HEI administrative staff and tutors who will specialize in SEN (Special Educational Needs).

Work Package No. 3 – Course Design and Internal Testing for building inclusive higher education systems

WP No. 3 is dedicated to the creation of two training courses, respectively addressed to HMEIs teachers and Administrative staff of HMEIs (including the tutor specialized in Special Educational Needs).

Work Package No. 4 – External Testing and delivery of supporting tools for trainers

During the WP No. 4 the partners will conduct another round of pilot courses, this time involving HMEIs outside the partnership (considering the innovativeness and the originality of the training course proposed, the partnership believed that an external validation of the training contents will be important in order to ensure the sustainability of the course and its adaptability to different social and cultural contexts).

Work Package No. 5 – Dissemination and Exploitation

The overall objective of this work package is to make the project outputs visible, maximizing their impact and generating an epistemic community referring to the project topics.