The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) is a European network that represents Higher Music Education (HME) institutions all across Europe and beyond. AEC was founded in 1953 and has about 300 member institutions in more than 50 countries. It operates as an International Non-profit Association under Belgian law out of offices in Brussels with around 8 FTE staff members. AEC works for the advancement of European HME and, more generally, of music, the arts and culture in contemporary society and for future generations. As its members include almost all of the important players in the field, the AEC can, for good reasons, claim to be ‘the leading voice for European higher music education’. AEC sees HME as combining a quest for excellence in three areas: artistic practice, learning & teaching and research & innovation. It addresses all three areas by providing support, information and expert advice to the specialist institutions in Europe offering HME; by engaging in advocacy and partnership-building at European and international levels; and by implementing measures to raise understanding and enhance standards of HME across the European Higher Education Area and beyond.


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ANMGDFounded in 1919, the National Academy of Music “Gheorghe Dima” is a state institution for higher education and research comprising the following types of education:

  • - Bachelor’s degree programs;
  • - Master degree programs;
  • - Doctoral degree programs.

ANMGD is one of the most active institutions of higher musical education in Romania, offering its students high-level qualification in the musical creation and performance fields, as well as musical education and musicology. 

EUCEuropean University Cyprus (EUC) was founded in 2007 and developed out of Cyprus College, which was established in 1961. Today, EUC operates five Schools, namely, the School of Business Administration, School of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences, School of Law, School of Medicine, and the School of Sciences, with the mission to educate students for successful careers and life achievement, to understand and serve the needs of society, and to create knowledge through research and innovation. Moreover EUC operates 11 Department and 85 Internationally Recognized Degrees and Academic Accreditation & Professional Recognition.

RIAM Founded in 1848, the Royal Irish Academy of Music is Ireland's oldest conservatoire, ranked in the top 50 institutions worldwide for the performing arts. RIAM trains gifted musicians from all over the world for careers in music performance, composition and pedagogy. Their graduates are innovative and reflective, with skills that enable them to take on the challenge of life in the creative arts with confidence and zest.

CONSPAThe Conservatoire of Music  “Alessandro Scarlatti” in Palermo is one of the oldest in Italy with a long- established tradition. An Institution of Higher Education, it was founded in 1617 as the “Orfanotrofio del Buon Pastore” where the children were also taught musical instruments. In 1721  the Conservatory opened its music courses to the public for the first time. Nowadays there are around 160 music teachers and more than 1000 music students.

LUMSALibera Università Maria Ss. Assunta (LUMSA) was founded in 1939, it is the 2nd oldest University in Rome and it is a highly ranked Italian Non – State University.

It counts around 9.000 students and 500 staff (teaching, research and administrative staff). The main campus is in Rome and there are also two other campuses in Taranto (Apulia) and in Palermo (Sicily).

LUMSA was established by a woman, Luigia Tincani, for a main and profound reason: to contribute to an intellectual and humanistic education free from the ideological pressures of the time.

VDValueDo is an Italian consultant company specialized in activities of European, national, regional project management and in entrepreneurial education. The company provides consultancy and support to enterprises of all dimensions, to Local bodies and Regions, Research Centres and Universities, toward access to EU direct funding.

ValueDo manages the coworking space 91C: in Florence.

Thanks to the experiences in the Erasmus+ projects, the members of ValueDo have contributed to the creation of high-level training materials accessible online.